Ring PRO 2, Get ready for a gamechanger and whats with the naming?

Posted by Eric Ripley on

Ring. Come on.

You have GOT to name these products better. With entire amazon at your disposal, cant your marketing come up with better names than numbers and dates?

So much confusion already with people ordering the wrong mounts for their Ring Doorbells. "I have a Ring 2" will now be followed up with " Do you have an actual Ring 2 or a Ring 2nd Gen or maybe a Ring 2020...or do you have the NEW Ring PRO 2?"

Enough on the rant! Ring PRO 2 is coming and yes it isn't cheap. 249$ retail price for a doorbell? Why? We have the Ring 2021 Hard Wired already and its 59$ (also supported here with a mount and angle wedges). So what makes the Ring PRO 2 worth 200$ more? I'm not sure I have an answer for you.

The Ring PRO has always been wired. It has no batteries that's why its smaller. It always has had 1080p video. However the Ring PRO 2 has less than 1080p video if i read it correctly on amazons website. 1536 video. That's is not 1080p. 1080p is 1920x1024 resolution. Unless the 1536 is the second number and the camera is NOT 1576x1024 but rather 1920x1536. This option 1920x1536 makes more sense due to the "head-to-toe" video they mention a few times. But there is no way to know from the specs at this time.

With head to toe video you should be able to see faces AND packages. No other doorbell, that I am aware of, does this. There is usually a compromise of do you want to see the thief's face stealing your package or do you want to see the physical package and see it swiped on camera but no face. I am asked a lot that people want to angle it down to show the package. I usually tell people angle the camera to show faces and assume the package is there. if package is gone at least you have the thief's face.

This feature is probably the best redeeming feature of this doorbell.

You will have to decide for yourself if this is worth approx 200$ more than the Ring Wired 2021.

Either way rest assured after March 31st your Ring PRO 2 will be supported either from adjustments made to Ring PRO mount or if its very dissimilar it will get its own mount. Email me to get on waiting list for a mount if you pre ordered from Amazon.





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