FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Question: What should i do if i have any problems with my order, mount, fitment or questions or suggestions?

Please by all means reach out to me at eripley@doorbellmounts.com and i will do whatever i can to instruct, fix or replace for you. Please do this before leaving feedback on any site as I want happy customers.

How do i leave a review for you?

I DO appreciate reviews! Thank you for asking. If you had an issue please talk to me at eripley@doorbellmounts.com before leaving a public review.

On Etsy.com or the Etsy app , click the Your Account icon .
Click Purchases and reviews .
Find the item you want to review.
Click the star rating you want to give next to Review this item .

To leave a review shopify DOORBELLMOUNTS.COM:
Go to this link https://www.doorbellmounts.com/products/
Then choose the brand doorbell your purchased a mount for.
Then choose the model doorbell on the next page that your mount was for.
Scroll to very bottom of page. There in dark green under heading "customer reviews"
is a "Write a review"
Click this and fill out form. if your item was a custom order i would love it if you would note in the title or body that you got a custom order so others will know i do customs.

Question: The mount i got is not exactly level or "plumb" to the earth It is facing up slightly. Why is this?

I offer a return policy so you are welcome to return it if it’s not up to your standards. It’s not supposed to be squared or leveled that is practically impossible on a one size fits "different manufacturers sidings" type of mount. Mount is just supposed to “face straight ahead” which should be taken for face value. Mount is designed for exactly .5 projection siding.
Every single piece of vinyl siding is different and compromises have to be made so that the same mount will fit MOST peoples siding satisfactory. Even then if your projection is off more than 1/16 of an inch or 1-2mm from the required 1/2 inch projection fitment will worsen. I have seen personally projection 3/16 all the way to 3/4 of an inch on most siding. Also most sidings projection even differ from one panel to the next and some manufactures differ depending where you measure even on the same panel!
Also the slant degrees is anywhere from 4 degrees to 8 degrees so that comes into play in the facing as well.
The Manufacture of the siding probably don’t even have strict specifications when they mold it  because for the most part this doesnt matter to them.

Unfortunately Compromises have to be made when you make something to be more universal. If you want better fitment I offer custom made mounts at my one line store doorbellmounts.com.

Question: I have a question about what screws you provide?

I do not make or manufacture the screws. They are provided as a courtesy and i buy them from Hillman.com . Lowes home improvement sells Hillman brand screws also. They are #6 Wood screws 1 3/4 inches long in a orange package of 5 for 1.89$


Question: My siding measures 3 3/4" or 4 3/4" or some size in between sizes you have listed. What mount should i get?

Please contact me at eripley@doorbellmounts.com with a photo. Some mounts will work okay depending on your situation and some mounts like the 3" only fit that size siding. Most mounts if you have 3.75" siding and buy a 4" mount it will have a gap of whatever the difference is in size. In this case you will have a 1/4 gap. I make custom mounts that fit your siding for not much more than the one that one fit good.

Question: When ordering do you need the measurement of the doorbell

No. If i support the doorbell in my store i already have the measurements and hole placement of the doorbell as well as HxWxL of the doorbell. I do not need any specifics of the doorbell.

Question: I bought a mount from XXXX company from you a year ago. Now i need to replace that doorbell with the mount from another company. Will the mounting holes line up?

No the holes will be in different spots except for very rare coincidences. Hole locations are dictated by manufacture of the doorbell. The same company will have different models that do not even use the same holes. Multiple manufactures will be even worse and do not have a standard and do not work together to standardize hole locations.

Question: I need something super specific because of existing doorbell location or wiring location. What do i do?

Please reach out to me at eripley@doorbellmounts.com with photos and i will tell you if an existing mount will work for you or if i can do a custom for you that will work.

Question: Do i have Dutch lap siding?

Please visit doorbellmounts.com/pages/instructions for details.



Question: How fast do you ship and what method do you use?

I ship same day usually if before 10:00am EST and next day if not. Some rare cases Amazon Prime Day or Christmas time there may be a 1-2 delay getting your items shipped. We use the United States Postal Service.

Question: I have a delivery issue. I put in wrong address, moved, or my item was returned to sender. My item shows delayed in some random town and has been sitting for a while. Why is this?

Please email me at eripley@doorbellmounts.com your tracking number your name and order number and i will look into the issue for you. When i hand the package to post office to deliver for you it is no longer in my hands but i can do things on my end to help find out what has happened


Colors or Material

Question: The mount i got looks different from your Photos or Youtube Video.

My mounts are always changing to improve. Sometimes size will change but most likely not but new holes will be added or taken away as mounts support more models of doorbells. Sometimes logos or design shape or size are changed due to copyright or vendor request. Rest assured if different from the picture if you ordered the one for your doorbell what i send you will fit your doorbell.

Sometimes a 4" mount is shown in the photo and there is a specific cut to the mount that you want. But if you do not order the size that is shown in the stock photo the mount may look different to fit the size siding you selected and may not look like the photo.

Since the mounts are always changing to improve sometimes photos and videos get left behind as they are much harder to update to reflect the improvements im making to the products frequently.

Question: Can i get a No-Holes model for my doorbell?

Not currently no. I am not expanding the No-Holes product line right now due to lack of demand for the product.

Question: You support all these models of doorbells but not the one i have. Why do you not support Super4CamVideo from China?

 Currently i make mounts for people not the newest most popular doorbells. If i made a separate mount for every doorbell out there it would be endless because seems everyday there is a new better than the last. Please reach out to me at eripley@doorbellmounts.com and i may be already working on or can possible make one for your doorbell for a custom charge.

Question: Can i use 3M tape or command strip or gorilla Glue (insert preferred sticky method) to install your mount?

No you can not and it will not work. It may last 1 day to a couple weeks before it falls off your house and your doorbell gets damaged. My standard siding mounts are designed to attach with screws that are provided to insure a secure fit. Anyone who sells stick on mounts it will be temporary. I do have a HOA product for Ring doorbells that is carefully designed and uses a physical connection for mounting but anything that is using adhesive only will eventually fail.

Question: Will a mount for ______ work as a mount for another brand of doorbell?

Unless i specifically state in the description that it will it probably wont. Even if the rough size is the same most likely mounting holes will be different. if you want to take the chance on it and can possibly drill your own mounting holes. Buyer pays return shipping and original shipping is not refundable.

 Question: My mount does not fit correctly. What things can i check?

First item to check. Did you get an instruction sheet and watch my instructional installation video? Please start there. One thing that happens alot is did you put the "leg" side of the mount towards the siding? the leg faces the siding and goes right under the panel. The flat part of the mount is the FRONT which the doorbell attaches to. The angled or contoured side is the side that snugs up against your siding.
If this is not the case. Are you putting the screws into the right holes? The large screws provided go into the large recessed holes in the mounts. They do not go in the tiny holes on the edges. Please consult my instructions document for your specific doorbell and it will tell step by step how to install that particular doorbell.
If the mount doesnt fit the contour of your siding did you order the right mount for your siding? check your order confirmation email. if you have Standard vinyl
Siding but didnt get the "vinyl" version of the mount there will be a gap. Vice Versa if you ordered a "vinyl" mount for board siding it will have a curve and your siding doesnt. Did you order the right mount for your doorbell Brand? If you ordered a Eufy mount for a Ring Pro for example it will not fit. Or if you order a Ring 2 mount for a PRO or vice versa it will not fit.
Also Ring mounts are all different depending on the model, and ring has 9 differents currently. Check your order confirmation email and make sure what you ordered matches what your Doorbell box, instructions, or back of doorbell model number.
If what you ordered does not match the doorbell you have do not worry you can return. If what was sent to you is NOT what you ordered. I am very sorry. Please send a photo of what i sent you in response to this message.
I can then check my inventory and I will correct this issue ASAP at my expense.
Did you order the right size mount? The mounts are never bigger than the doorbell. So on 5+ siding the mount will not usually have a leg unless
the doorbell is bigger than 5" if doorbell is smaller than that the mount will be a wedge. I determine based on what you tell me your siding size is when you order
the BEST possible mount to fit that siding. It may not always be what you are expecting to get but my experience has determined this is whats needed for that doorbell on that size siding.
Is there a gap above your doorbell? if so that is fairly normal as siding sizes are not always exact. if you order a 4.5 mount and you have 4.75 siding you will have a .25 inch gap above the mount.
If you have a gap between leg and bottom of the siding did you order a 4" mount and your siding is really 3.75? then you will have a .25 inch gap at
the bottom leg where it doesnt touch siding. This is normal and Cosmetic only. If this bothers you contact me for a return and we can make you a custom fit.
Do you have Dutch lap siding? if you ordered a standard vinyl mount and you have dutch lap siding as stated in instructions it will not fit.
Dutchlap has a flat front with a contoured back at the top or whats called a "dutch fold". There is a description of dutchlap in my descriptions and you can also google "dutch lap siding" if you are unsure. If you have Dutchlap and ordered a standard mount contact me and you can return and we can make you a custom mount.