New Ring 2021 59.99$ releases 2/17/2021

Posted by Eric Ripley on

If you are in the market for a video doorbell look no further! New Ring hard wired doorbell releases 2/17 and is only 59.99. I dont know how they can release a doorbell with all these features this cheap. Couple of things to keep in mind!

You have to have existing doorbell wiring! My friend who is an electrician says almost every new house he has wired will not have doorbell wiring. So this is an important factor not to overlook. If you dont have existing doorbell or existing doorbell wiring hidden behind your siding it will be much more expensive to run the wiring than buying a battery operated doorbell.

Another thing to keep in mind with this doorbell and other Ring brand doorbells is the monthly fee. This is 5$ PER doorbell and adds up! i personally have a Ring PRO doorbell and a Ring Spotlight wired on the back door and a Ring Floodlight on my garage and driveway and this monthly fee of 15$ (5$ per item) does add up. This 5$ is almost mandatory as if something triggers your doorbell the recording will not be kept if you dont purchase the monthly plan.

The Ring Hard Wired 2021 is supported already by NearlyNewModel mounts! so if you end up getting this nice full featured bell for 59.99$ i have a mount and angle wedges already available!

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