NearlyNewModels video doorbell mount post installation survey

Please fill out this survey after you have installed your doorbell to help me make a better product for you!

ZigPoll is a respected well known survey site that does not collect any of your information. You are completely anonymous to me and to them and all i get is an email with the chosen responses. Otherwise, If you have a concern/issue/problem or question that you would like for me to address please email me at

Note: I can not address any issues you put in the poll!

POLL is CLOSED! Thank you for your participation! What I learned I will share below!

1. 92% of you have no issues with your mount! YEAH!

2. 74% ( of the 8% that had issues) was "Mount did not fit as good as expected"

Reasons for this most likely are projection is not the required amount. Or your siding was larger or smaller than the size you selected in the dropdown. Both can be checked before ordering by going to or contacting me for a custom order. Mounts are not one size fits all. They fit the specifications mentioned in the listing. Another potential issue is mount is only compatible with Standard Siding and not Dutch Lap siding.

3. 82% of you read the instructions sheet! Thank you. i will continue to include it.

4. 80% of you used the provided screws. Thank you. I will continue to include them

8% of those that did not use the screws said they were too long. 6% said they were too short. Leaving 6% that dont use the screws i include at all i guess and not sure how you mounted it without screws.

5. Nobody knows what the HOA mount is! Thats a problem and i need to figure out how to do some advertising. The HOA mount clips on your siding and uses no screws and makes no holes in the siding. Its a blessing for those that dont want to put holes in the siding

Watch my video that shows these features and how to install your new Ring NO HOLES HOA Approved doorbell today:

Thank you for your participation if you contributed to these numbers above!