Returns and Exchanges

We realize sometimes things happen and you will need to return your item. Returns must be within 14 days.  In most cases Buyer is responsible for return shipping and original shipping paid to the post office to ship your item is nonrefundable. Shipping protection does not protect returns and is nonrefundable. See more specific information below.

USA and International Refund information:

  • There is no refunds for shipping charges on returned items. Domestic or International.
  • If you waived optional shipping protection insurance and need replacement item that was damaged in shipping. Protection regarding damage will be only available through mail carrier. NearlyNewModels will assist in helping you attempt to recover but is not responsible for items damaged by the carrier. Shipping protection insurance covers this.
  • Items are not considered lost until the following has occurred: More than 10 days have past since last scan (not total transit time, This is post office rule). Nearlynewmodels reserves right to choose to replace or refund.
  • If Item is scanned delivered and you do not have in your possession please contact your local post office. NearlyNewModels will attempt to assist you if we are notified.
  • Items Returned to Render for any reason will be refunded minus original shipping charges. Shipping charges are not refunded on Bad Address/Refused/undeliverable/vacant/forward expired or any reason that post office determines to Return to Sender.
  • Buyers are responsible for sales tax or VAT or customs fees .

Please email us at with a description of the issue you are having and photos if possible. Include your order number and full name in this communication.The first thing we are going to try to do is help you with the item. It is in both our best interests to see if what you have we can get to work for you.

If we are unable to assist in troubleshooting, product is faulty, arrived damaged, or wrong product was sent and you need to return your product we will respond to you with the RMA number and return address. We must know your issue to issue the appropriate RMA. Please put the RMA number on the outside of the package when you return the item.


Unfortunately i do not have a way to do exchanges. Only method we have is advance replacement. Advance replacement requires you to gi ahead and order the right one now, if you know which one you need, So we can get that coming to you. Then contact us telling us you ordered wrong mount and ordered a replacement and we will provide return address and RMA number for the wrong item. Refund will be issued on receipt of wrong item. It must be in a unused resell able condition with all items sent included and policies in first paragraph apply 

Buying multiple items and colors with the intent to return ones you do not like/want/or that do not fit.

We understand sometimes you cant decide and would like to order multiple items to see for yourself which you want to keep and what you would like to return. Please note when you do this there is a 20% return restocking fee on each item returned in this manner. All colors are shown on website photos and at

If unsure of your siding size there is a How to measure siding video and in description of the item and also at I am also available for assistance through email. As with all companies that have hand crafted made to order items i have some of these in stock and some i have to make to fill your order. If you order multiple items to check color or different sizes because you do not know what size siding you have or order a left and right angle piece because you dont know which angle you need.....please ask first. there will be a restocking of 20% for all items returned for this reason. Reason being these items take 6-8 hours each to make. Different colors means loading different colors into my machines. Also i have to now restock your items you did not want back into my limited inventory and hope to sell that exact same item at a later date.


Mount does not fit my siding correctly:
First item to check. Did you get an instruction sheet and watch my instructional installation video? Please start there.

One thing that happens a lot is did you put the "leg" side of the mount towards the siding? the leg faces the siding and goes right under the panel. The flat part of the
mount is the FRONT which the doorbell attaches to. The angled or contoured side is the side that snugs up against your siding.

Are you putting the screws into the right holes? The large screws provided go into the large recessed holes in the mounts. They do not go in the tiny holes on the edges. Please consult my instructions document for your specific doorbell and it will tell step by step how to install that particular doorbell.

If the mount does not fit the contour of your siding. Did you order the right mount for your siding? Is your projection the size mentioned in the listing? Check your order confirmation email. It will show what you ordered and what you ordered must match what product you have. If you have Standard vinyl siding but did not get the "vinyl" version of the mount there will be a gap. Vice Versa if you ordered a "vinyl" mount for board siding it will have a curve and your siding does not.

Did you order the right mount for your doorbell Brand? If you ordered a Eufy mount for a Ring Pro for example it will not fit. Or if you order a Ring 2 mount for a PRO or vice versa it will not fit.
Also Ring mounts are all different depending on the model, and ring has 9 different models currently. Check your order confirmation email and make sure what you ordered matches what your Doorbell box, instructions, or back of doorbell model number. If what you ordered does not match the doorbell you have do not worry you can return. If what was sent to you is NOT what you ordered. I am very sorry. Please send a photo of what i sent you in response to this message.
I can then check my inventory and I will correct this issue ASAP at my expense.

Did you order the right size mount? The mounts are never bigger than the doorbell. So on 5+ siding the mount will not usually have a leg unless
the doorbell is bigger than 5" if doorbell is smaller than that the mount will be a wedge. I determine based on what you tell me your siding size is when you order
the BEST possible mount to fit that siding. It may not always be what you are expecting to get but my experience has determined this is whats needed for that doorbell on that size siding.

Is there a gap above your doorbell? if so that is fairly normal as siding sizes are not always exact. if you order a 4.5 mount and you have 4.75 siding you will have a .25 inch gap above the mount. If you have a gap between leg and bottom of the siding did you order a 4" mount and your siding is really 3.75? then you will have a .25 inch gap at the bottom leg where it doesnt touch siding. This is Cosmetic only. If this bothers you contact me for a return and we can make you a custom fit.

Do you have Dutch lap siding? if you ordered a standard vinyl mount and you have dutch lap siding as stated in instructions it will not fit. You can also get more information at
Dutchlap has a flat front with a contoured back at the top or whats called a "dutch fold". There is a description of dutchlap in my descriptions and you can also google "dutch lap siding" if you are unsure. If you have Dutchlap and ordered a standard mount contact me and you can return and we can make you a custom mount.

If your issue is not addressed above reply to this email with your exact issue and i will try to address.
If you need to return contact me with reason above and I will issue a RMA number and return instructions.