WUUK W001 Smart Doorbell Mount for Vinyl, Hardi board, Aluminum, Cedar [Choose Siding] [5 colors]

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Mount Fits WUUK W001 Smart Video Doorbell on Standard style siding.* WUUK PRO is much smaller and available in a different listing.

This item Does NOT fit Ring doorbell. For Ring 2 Ring Original or Ring Pro see different listing. Does not fit NEST doornell the holes at the corners will show.

Item Description: Now ships with printed installation instruction sheet. Comes with four longer screws. All mounting hardware you need is included. Colored shim to fix the angled doorbell problem where your doorbell when screwed to angled siding this will make the doorbell face straight ahead instead of slanted upwards. Choose your siding then Choose a color that’s close to your siding color, black or silver to match the back of Doorbell, or match the cover.

*Does NOT fit on Dutch lap style siding (Dutchlap siding has a flat front that proceeds into an angled top that slants backwards towards the house. ) For dutch lap vinyl siding please contact me for custom order as every Dutchlap siding panel is different and these have to be made to fit your siding dimensions. Fits standard siding with common 1/2 projection.

To Order: Choose Your siding from the "Siding Type" dropdown first. If your siding size is not listed in the dropdown please contact me. Choose your color from the "Color" dropdown last.

Measuring your Siding: https://www.doorbellmounts.com/pages/instructions

To Install: See my new installation video on youtube! (Video is for Ring but works for WUUK as well) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ1v_k3mTzY

Siding Options Explained:

Standard Option means the panels are not exactly flat on the front they have a slight curve. Designed for 1/2 projection

Board Metal Option  is for Hardi board, Cement board, Cedar, Aluminum, Shake Vinyl or any flat but slanted front siding. Designed for 3/8 projection

WUUK Video Doorbell not included.

This item only fits WUUK w001 not the WUUK PRO and not the WUUK wired doorbell. There are NO returns on this made to order item

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