Ring Wired 2021 Video Doorbell Premium Mount with optional 5° and 15° angle wedges available

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Fits the Ring Video Doorbell WIRED 2021 release. Released Feb 24th 2021.

This item Does NOT fit ANY other Ring doorbell.  For any other Ring doorbells see  different listings .

SEE my NEW install video here:

Description of Item:
This is the Cedar siding, cement board siding, Aluminum siding and Vinyl siding version for standard lap siding panels.
Colored shim to fix the angled doorbell problem where your doorbell when screwed to vinyl or slanted siding this will make the doorbell face straight ahead instead of slanted upwards.  Choose a color that’s close to your siding color or choose black to match the back of the Video Doorbell.

Comes with longer screws and installation instruction sheet. 

 New model is called premium because it is now made of ASA the best quality plastic you can get that is made for outdoors and heat and cold.
Everyone else is using BIODEGRADABLE PLA which is absolutely what you DO NOT want for and item outside and will warp and crack in the sun.
This item Does NOT need any Adapters to fit the newer doorbells. Holes are made into the mount itself. Holes for mounting the angle shims are on the mount.

*This item Does NOT fit on Dutchlap Dutch Lap style siding (Dutchlap siding has a flat front that proceeds into an angled top that slants backwards towards the house. ) For Dutchlap Dutch Lap vinyl siding please contact me for custom order as every Dutchlap siding panel is different and these have to be made to fit your siding dimensions. If you are not sure if you have Dutch Lap style siding. send me a picture of your siding. i can tell by looking at a picture. Fits standard siding with common 1/2 projection.

Measuring your Siding:

To Install:
See my new installation video on youtube!

Siding Options Explained:

Standard Option is for Vinyl siding that has a curve. Designed for 1/2 projection  .

Board Metal Siding is for Hardiboard, Cement Board, Wood , Cedar, Vinyl shake or any flat front but slanted siding with 3/8 projection.


Board/Metal/All Siding Flat WEDGE Option  (Not common)
This is a 7° FLAT wedge for siding measuring 4.5" or more.
This is for Vinyl siding, Hardi board, Cement board, Cedar, Aluminum or any flat but slanted front siding.
Usually comes in single 1 slat per board. This is the version you want if you want a  vertical shim or vertical wedge like what ring provides with the ring 2 and ring pro to angle your existing camera up or down.
This has no standoff leg and is similar to the wedge that comes with the ring 2 but is angled 8° instead of 5° and is solid so no water or bugs can get behind it and gives you a much stronger mounting surface.
This is the version you want if you have a large siding panel this allows you to mount doorbell anywhere on the panel. Perfect for if you want you doorbell higher, lower or centered on the panel. It still has the Siding angle built in so doorbell faces straight ahead.
This is also the version you want if you have flat siding (brick, stucco, etc) and want to angle your doorbell up or down 8°.
This is also the version you want if you have angled siding such as vinyl siding but your doorbell is too low and you want it angled up more. this will angle the doorbell up addition 7 degrees on angled siding.
(This particular item is not shown)

Angle Shims 5° and 15° available separately. U/D angles the doorbell up and down the degrees you choose and the L/R angles the doorbell left or right that angle specified.
If you need more or less of an angle contact me.

NEW ITEM  1 3/4 Brick molding Riser Block Spacer
The 1 3/4" riser block spaces your doorbell out away from siding to allow better view if something is blocking the camera or to allow for more room for wiring. The 1 3/4 inches is perfect for allowing the doorbell when mounted on door trim to see past a brick wall that blocks the cameras peripheral vision. this item spaces the camera out so it can see past brick.

Contact me about other sizes not listed above.

Ring Wired Doorbell not included.

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