HOA APPROVED NO SCREW HOLES MOUNT for Ring PRO doorbells on Standard Vinyl Siding

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HOA APPROVED NO SCREW HOLES Mount Fits Ring PRO's (Ring PRO original and Ring Pro 2 on 4" Standard style Vinyl siding ONLY.*

This item Does NOT fit ANY OTHER Ring line of doorbells. Designed from the ground up to work with Ring Brand Shims and Corner Kits (if needed/not included).

*Does NOT fit on Dutch lap style siding

Standard Traditional Vinyl siding mount requires NO HOLES IN YOUR SIDING! You requested it and now its HERE! Yes you read this right please keep reading. It has the famous leg and curve that the Screw in version has but now mounts with no holes in your siding! Looks like the screwed mount 4" and the 4.5" version but does not have the notch out at the top like those do. This version is for those that want the famous 4” version looks and function but do not want too or cant put holes in their siding. This version has a leg that locates the mount at the bottom of the siding but still has a curve to match the curve in vinyl siding. Usually comes in single 1 slat per board. This item has been approved by ALL HOA associations that allow video surveillance.

***NEW ITEM***

How does this work? it has a STAINLESS STEEL METAL clip that clips under your siding panel and locks the mount in (watch video below to see it in action). The mount clips on under a seam in the siding. Every other row of siding has a seam. If you have a wiring restriction please check wiring is under a seam. The mount has more surface area on the back to allow for it to sit flat, This mount is slightly thicker than the screw in version and comes with SHORTER Stainless steel screws to mount your doorbell angle shim if you choose to use it so they will not poke through the mount. This mount has a built in stop protection to keep you from Screwing the screws through the mount and into your siding. Then you simply peel off the 3M tape on the bottom leg. Then simply hook the mount onto your siding and stick the leg to the siding. The 3M tape is completely optional. The tape will prevent the doorbell from sliding left to right. The Stainless steel hook on the mount supports 45lbs!

No more ugly command tapped doorbells that fall off after a few rains and that are not HOA approved as they can damage your siding or that someone can easily peel off and steal your doorbell or that water and bugs can nest behind. Nearlynewmodels mount is removable leaving no damage or trace behind and can be removed if needed.

To Install: See my new installation video on youtube!  Watch my video that shows these features and how to install your new Ring NO HOLES HOA Approved doorbell today:


Colored shim to fix the angled doorbell problem where your doorbell when screwed to angled siding this will make the doorbell face straight ahead instead of slanted upwards. Compatible with Ring brand angle wedges and Ring brand Corner kits.

If you are unsure of the mount you need or the siding you have do not hesitate to contact me. sending a picture always helps and i can assist you with what item to order.

*(Dutch lap siding has a flat front that proceeds into an angled top that slants backwards towards the house. ) For dutch lap vinyl siding please contact me for custom order as every Dutch lap siding panel is different and these have to be made to fit your siding dimensions.

**If you have ANY other size siding other than 4" 4.5" or 5" standard Vinyl there is currently not a NO HOLE mount available. 

For Dutch lap vinyl siding please contact me as every dutch lap siding panel is different. Printed in a material called ASA. This material resists UV LIGHT and resists all sorts of chemicals. Recyclable. And most importantly resists cold temperatures as well as up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now ships with printed installation instruction sheet. Comes with stainless hook built into mount and stainless shorter screws that are designed to work with the mount.  All mounting hardware you need is included.

Ring Video Doorbell not included. Not responsible for stolen doorbells. Check with your HOA regarding your neighborhoods Video Doorbell Policy.

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