Eufy Cam E 2K Floodlight Mount HD Security mount for Vinyl, Hardi board, Aluminum, Cedar [Choose Siding] [5 colors]

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Mount FITS Eufy FloodLight Cam E 2K Camera version. 

Mount DOES NOT fit any Ring Floodlights or Cameras.

 Item Description: Colored shim to fix the angled Floodlight problem where your spotlight when screwed to angled siding this will make the doorbell face straight ahead instead of slanted upwards. Nearlynewmodels Flood Spot light mount sandwiches between your siding and the spotlight base with provided screws. Makes a cleaner look with more support on standard vinyl siding. Does not fit Dutchlap siding. Mounts at the center of the panel and this allows it to fit all ranges of vinyl siding. 3" and larger

To Order:

Vinyl Siding mount:There is only one version and this is one size fits all standard vinyl siding. it may not fit all sidings exactly with no gap. If you test mount it and it fits your siding close but there is a gap you can put a bead of colored caulking around the parameter of the mount to make a seal. This mounts at the center of two standard siding panels. if you need something special or different contact me.

1/2" Spacer Mount: This is for brick, Stucco, or Soffit mounting. Replaces the need for a low voltage box. Provides a firm base for the Light and has room for wiring.

To Install: This mount sandwiches between your siding and the spotlight base with provided screws. then install your camera and screw cover. [4] 1 3/4 rust proof longer screws included with purchase! Siding Options Explained: Fits any size STANDARD Vinyl siding. 3" and larger. Does not fit dutch lap. Does not fit hardiboard or aluminum or standard siding with less than 1/2 projection. For Dutch Lap vinyl siding please contact me for a custom mount as every dutchlap siding panel is different.

Printed in a material called PETG. This material resists UV LIGHT and resists all sorts of chemicals. Recyclable. And most importantly resists cold temperatures as well as up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This item is made to order. It is not stocked. If any questions contact me before purchase. This item since made to order is subject to 20% restocking fee if returned. Comes with 4 longer screws. All mounting hardware you need is included.

This is the mount ONLY for the Floodlight/Spotlight Cam Mount and NOT the camera itself (floodlights sold separately by RING).