Chamberlain MyQ video keyboard 20 degree angle mount to fix camera angle on garage fascia board.

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Mount Fits Chamberlain MyQ video keypad

This is the mount ONLY for the MyQ video keypad and NOT the camera itself (keypad sold separately by chamberlain).

20 degree mount to add to the existing 25 degree backing plate to give you a 45 degree video angle to see more driveway/people more cars instead of half your video view being a garage door.

Nearlynewmodels MyQ keypad camera mount attaches to your garage door fascia with two screws . The angle base of mounts go through the into nearlynewmodels base and form a secure attachments using the longer screws provided with your mount.
Makes a cleaner look with more support and solid to prevent bugs and spiders from getting behind it. also will not accidentally move or change the angle when using the keypad and makes the keypad more secure than a swivel mount that can easily be detached. this mount changes the angle and adds an additional angle to the keypad which the stock keypad does not have enough angle and you see too much garage door.

brief item Description:
Colored shim to fix the angled MyQ keypad to have even more angle to show cars or people at the keypad and more driveway and less garage door.

To Order:
There is only one version and one color right now. if you want more angle than 20 degrees please let me know. keep in mind the stock angle is 25 degrees and this 20 goes in ADDITION to the 25 making a total angle of 45 degrees which is perfect in our testing.

Choose your color from the "Color" dropdown last.

To Install:
Nearlynewmodels MyQ video keypad camera mount attaches to your facia with a two included screws. Locate the base where you want the camera. if you already have mounted your MyQ. don’t worry this additional angle does not add any new holes using the screws provided with your camera.
Single countersunk 1 3/4 rust proof longer screw included with purchase!

Printed in a material called PETG. This material resists UV LIGHT and resists all sorts of chemicals. Recyclable. And most importantly resists cold temperatures as well as up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Comes with [2] 1 3/4" zinc rust proof longer screw. All mounting hardware you need is included. MyQ video keypad shown is not included.

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