"Hoodee" Rain and Glare protection Canopy Hood/Roof for Ring 2 ,3 ,3 PLUS, 2nd Gen (2020) Doorbell [4 Colors]

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The "Hoodee" for Larger Ring doorbells such as the Ring 2 or 2nd (2020) or 3 or 3 PLUS

This Hood is compatible with my Vinyl Siding Mounts or can be used Self contained without my mount. Does not fit Ring PRO. Ring PRO is in another listing.

USA Tennessee MADE No Drilling Required!! 3M double stick tape already preinstalled and included! Angled AWAY from your house so water does not run back behind doorbell! *Pro Tip from a customer: for a better seal use a small dob or dollop of clear silicon caulking on the backside of the hoodee before installing where it meets your house. Light glare on your camera lense? Water getting behind your Doorbell or on the lense, I have the solution!!! The "Hoodee" protects your doorbell from glares from street lights that might shine into your camera. Also keeps rain off your camera lense from triggering the motion or blocking your video. Or get it because it just looks good! Colors are the same colors as the mounts. *Black could vary between glossy or matte depending on which printer and how hot it is printed. If you have a preference gloss or matte let me know.

To install: Peel off the red 3m tape protector to expose the sticky doublesided tape. position your mount up against your siding and push down. its a press fit on the doorbell and the tape will help adhere the Hoodie. You want to push back as close to your siding as possible so water running down siding runs onto "Hoodie" See short video for explanation and features! This item is 3D printed with a non-biogradeable material called PETG which is weather resistant.

Same material used for my Mounts. This listing is for the Hoodie only. Doorbell shown is not included.

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