Google NEST Wired Gen 1 and 2 Doorbell Mount for Vinyl, Hardi board, Aluminum, Cedar [Choose Siding] [5 colors]

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Fits Google Nest Wired Gen 1 (black face white body) and Gen 2 (white and has a G on front) and Hello Doorbell on Standard style siding. Does NOT FIT New Google Nest BATTERY version that is much larger and available in another listing  

Colored shim to fix the angled doorbell problem where your doorbell when screwed to angled siding this will make the doorbell face straight ahead instead of slanted upwards.  Choose your siding then Choose a color that’s close to your siding color, black or silver to match the back of Doorbell, or match the cover.

Does NOT fit on Dutch Lap style siding (Dutchlap siding has a flat front that procedes into an angled top that slants backwards towards the house. ) For dutch lap vinyl siding please contact me for custom order as every Dutchlap siding panel is different and these have to be made to fit your siding dimensions. Fits standard siding with common 1/2 projection*
To Order:

Choose Your siding from the "Siding Type" dropdown first.
Choose your color from the "Color" dropdown last.

Measuring your Siding:

To Install:

See my new installation video on youtube!

Siding Options Explained:

Standard Vinyl Option
This is for Traditional Standard Straight Lap Vinyl siding that has Panels that measure exactly the size you choose and have 1/2 projection. Standard Option means the panels are not exactly flat on the front they have a slight curve (dish inwards).

Board/Metal [Hardiboard / All metal-aluminum / Cedar etc Siding] Option

This is for Hardi board, Cement board, Cedar, Aluminum or any flat but slanted front siding.
Usually comes in single 1 slat per board. This item is for Panels that measure exactly the size you chooseand that have a 3/8 projection.

5"+ Vinyl Shake and Board/ Metal FLAT WEDGE Option (not common) [NEW ITEM]
If your panel is 4.5 inches or longer you may want this version. It does not have the standoff legs. It is a 7degree angled wedge. This version allows you to place your doorbell
anywhere on the panel. Perfect for if you want you doorbell higher, lower or centered on the panel.
It still has the Siding angle built in so doorbell faces straight ahead.
This is also the version you want if you have flat siding (brick, stucco, etc) and want to angle your nest up or down 7%
This is also the version you want if you have angled siding such as vinyl siding but your doorbell is too low and you want it angled up more. this will angle the doorbell up addition 7 degrees on angled siding.

(This item is shown in last picture)

*For Dutchlap vinyl siding please contact me to create you a custom version to fit your siding as every dutchlap siding panel is different.

Printed in a material called PETG. This material resists UV LIGHT and resists all sorts of chemicals. Recyclable. And most importantly resists cold temperatures as well as up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ships with printed installation instruction sheet.
Comes with two longer screws. All mounting hardware you need is included. Nest Video doorbell not included.

**Non Tennessee residents pay NO SALES TAX at my official site

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