Eufy DUAL 2k S330 8213 8203 Doorbell Wired or Battery version Mount fits Vinyl, Hardi board, Aluminum, Cedar [Choose Siding] [5 colors]

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Fits EUFY DUAL 2k S330 8213 8203 doorbell [choose version] only on any Standard style siding. (Cedar/Aluminum/Hardiboard/Vinyl) Pick your model Wired or Battery in the dropdown.

This mount is way too large for older Eufy 2k and 1080p doorbells. please see Eufy 2k 1080p listing for appropriate sized mount. Does NOT Fit Eufy E340 doorbell that has its own mount on this site. Does NOT fit ANY Ring doorbell.

If you don’t know what version doorbell you have see this site

Item Description: Ships with printed installation instruction sheet. Comes with two longer screws. All mounting hardware you need is included. Fits both Wired or Battery Dual (different mounts as the Dual Wired is smaller than the battery you choose in drop down) from top to bottom for full support of the Eufy. Has recessed mounting hole slots already for Eufy. This allows metal buttons to flush on mount without a gap between eufy and the mounting plate and makes your Installation look Professional. Compatible with stock angle wedges.

*Does NOT fit on Dutch Lap style siding (Dutchlap siding has a flat front that proceeds into an angled top that slants backwards towards the house. ) For dutch lap vinyl siding please contact me for custom order as every Dutchlap siding panel is different and these have to be made to fit your siding dimensions. 

Measuring your Siding:

To Install: Eufy Dual Installation Video

To Order: Choose Your Model first then the siding from the "Siding Type" dropdown first. Choose your color from the "Color" dropdown last. *If your siding size is not listed in the dropdown please contact me or send me a picture in messages and i will assist.

Printed material resists UV LIGHT and resists all sorts of chemicals. Recyclable. And most importantly resists cold temperatures as well as up to 160 degrees Fahrenhei5t.

Eufy doorbell not included.

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