Video Doorbell Dutch lap siding mount (Custom made for YOUR Dutchlap siding)

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Custom made Dutch lap siding video doorbell mount that is as thin as possible for sleak looks, follows the  contour of your siding (based on your measurements) and has a stability leg. Now All Dutch lap mounts are made out of the best possible outdoor plastic  called ASA.

Orders with no measurements provided in notes will not be processed until measurements are provided.

Do not be fooled by the dutch mounts offered that supposedly fit your siding right out of the box. All dutch lap is different due to manufacturing process unless from same manufacturer, exact same model and lot number and color that are made that exact same year.

I will need 4 dimensions from you for a proper fitting mount. The closer you get the dimensions the more accurate your mount will be within +/- 1/8" of your measurements. If this is not sufficient you will need to send a siding sample before ordering this item.
Watch this video on Dutch Lap to see how to measure and identify your siding.
Detailed measuring instructions and how to identify your siding here:

Price includes the custom mount itself, installation screws (all dutch lap mounts have to be securely mounted with screws) and include printed mounting instructions and Free Economy shipping. There is currently not available a “HOA no-holes” version for Dutch Lap.

If you need something else custom this is not the form to do that. you will need to message the seller. For example an angle built in, a doorbell not listed , custom sized mount or something specific contact me before placing order.

Respond in the notes field (or message me separately with your order number) the following 5 fields to make your mount. AT A MINIMUM I NEED “A” “B” “C” and “D” are REQUIRED to make your mount. “A” should equal or be very close to “B+C”

Doorbell = This is the Brand of doorbell you have (Ring 2020, Ring PRO 2, Ring Wired, Eufy 2k, Arlo battery, Nest wired etc etc)
if you are not sure of your model or not sure i support the doorbell you have  message me first.

A is the full length of the panel measured as close to straight across as you can. Typically 4"-5"

B. is just the flat part of the panel only. start and the bottom of the panel and stop right at center of the bend/curve. this part can range all over from 1 1/2" to 3" or more

C. is the angled part of the panel. start at the overlap where D is and end at the center of the bend where you stopped measuring B. This part can range all over from 1" to 3" or more

D. is the most critical dimension. this is the thickness of the panel overlap called the projection. typically 1/4"- 3/4" usually it is 1/2"

E: SITUATIONAL: some siding have a flat spot above "C" size. Most do not. if you dont have a "E" thats normal. if you do, please include size. Typical if it exist is usually 1/2"

**Non Tennessee residents pay NO SALES TAX at my official site  Contact me with any questions.

By checking out and paying for this item you are confirming that you are buying the item listed above and accepting the details in this work order as accurate to your knowledge. Nearlynewmodels will be using this work order to create your item and not previous emails/messages as a reference.
If you realize something is missing or incorrect please notify nearlynewmodels IMMEDIATELY.
No two people measure exactly the same and no two different tape measures/rulers/micrometers will give same measurements with two different people using the instrument.

This item USA made and ships to United States only. Please allow additional 3-5 days processing time as this is made to order to your exact specifications

This mount is also available free shipping no tax (except for TN) at official site.

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